From 2002, Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd is the Leading and Long-term Manufacturer and Supplier of Multi-Function Electronic Accessory. 從2002年起,姑蘇信誠電子有限公司是全球領先的和長期的多功能電子配件製造商和供應商的。 Especially Multi SimCard Adapter For Mobile Phone and *Simcard Extender * Memorycard Linker ...since 2002 We are Also the Reliable Wholesale Supplier of Genuine Memorycards . 特別是多卡貼適配器適用於移動電話和*卡貼擴展Memorycard連接器...自2002年以來,我們也是可靠的正品存儲卡的批發供應商。

We Value Every Customer's order Experience and always provide our most for satisfactory products and customer service. 我們重視每一個客戶的訂單經驗,並始終提供最滿意的產品和客戶服務。

At any time , Any new visitors are Welcome to contact us and work with us to start and improve your business right now . 在任何時候,任何新的訪問者,歡迎聯繫我們,並與我們攜手合作,啟動和改善你的企業現在。 We mail to worldwide . 我們郵寄到世界各地。

(Featured Products) (特色產品)
Mobilephone's Multi Simcard Adapter Series ,To Let your cellphone install multi simcards at the same time. 手機多卡貼適配器系列,讓您的手機同時安裝多simcards,。

Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII I9300 I930X SGH I747 T999)'s Multi Simcard Adapter Series 三星Galaxy S3(SIII I9300 I930X SGH I747,T999)的多卡貼適配器系列
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (SIII MINI, I8190 ) 's Multi Simcard Adapter Series 三星Galaxy S3 MINI(MINI SIII,I8190)的多卡貼適配器系列
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II, N7100,N710x, SGH T889 )'s Multi Simcard Adapter Series 三星Galaxy Note 2(NOTE II,N7100,N710x,SGH T889)的多卡貼適配器系列