Help Chinese Children suffering leukemia
From the report ,China has Over 4 million leukemia patients ,this figure increases each year. Among Them, Half are children patients aged from 2 to 7 years.The serious problem is leukemia is not included in medical insurance in China, and most families are unable to support themselves these costly care...

You could also help to donate For the Children and Teenage Suffering Leukemia ( Leukaemia,One Kind of Blood Cancer )
Through Special "leukemia-Fund-angels" established by China Red Cross (CRC) June 2005 to help family in need and also through Soochow First Affilicated Hospital Which is The famous and large-scale comprehensive hospital engaged in medical treatment, medical research and medical education of Childhood Leukemia.

Because of my personal experience, Having witnessed the pains many Sweet kids and their families have been suffering, I strongly feel duty bound to provide our humble donation for those lovely children.We do know Our own strength is quite Limited and Humble ,but We always believe when More and More people and organizations have been working together to provide the possible assistance,the situation could be definitely improved...

BTW : for all of the donation ,please kindly contact the official Chinese red cross website directly and thereby do the donation to rea cross CRC account.

the bank account for your donatiion referred from official Chinese Redcross website:

※ RMB Account(人民币账户信息):

Name收款人名称:Red Cross Society of China

Address收款人地址:No.8 Beixinqiao Santiao Dongcheng District Beijing

Account No.收款人账号:0200001009014413252

Bank Name收款人开户行名称:ICBC Beijing Municipal Branch Dong Si Nan Sub-Branch

Bank Address收款人开户行地址:No.147 Dongsi South St. Beijing, China

Bank Zip Code收款人开户行邮编:100010

Bank TEL收款人开户行电话:86-10-65276143

Swift Code(境外汇款)国际代码:ICBKCNBJBJM


※ Foreign Currency Account(外币账户信息):

Name收款人名称:Red Cross Society of China

Address收款人地址:No.8 Beixinqiao Santiao Dongcheng District Beijing

Account NO.收款人账号:7112111482600000209

Bank Name收款人开户行名称:China CITIC Bank Beijing Jiuxianqiao Sub-Branch

Bank Address收款人开户行地址:C&W Tower. No.14, Jiuxianqiao Street, Chaoyang District,Beijing, China

Bank Zip Code收款人开户行邮编:100016

Bank TEL收款人开户行电话:86-10-64319780

Swift Code(境外汇款)国际代码:CIBKCNBJ100

Thanks for your support always.


YS Wen and Willow Wen
Sales Manager of Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd.

Help Chinese Children suffering leukemia

You are always welcome to
direct wiretransfer to China Redcross CRC account.